fluctuating peace of life.

Terrific argument at the Sunday table

Please, wait!

the TasteBook – wip

Floating around.

Your choice;

Earthday 16

Looking Backs.

WALLPEPPER – trend line 2016. Chinoiserie.

WALLPEPPER – trend line 2016. Tropical Attitude.

Autumn ballad.

Opposites are blooming and spring is in the cellar.

childwood eyes.

windows in fabula.

Gino Paoli’ song cover.

Half full, half empty?

Dry ‘n Rain – short traditional Animation 10″

Swimmer #363.

The guilty.

The brain drain.

“The tree” – Shel Silverstein.

Once there was a cat.

Get Up, Pizzomunno!

Jelly, the big fish.

“My husband chokes me”

To cling.

Picame – Daily dose of creativity.

David Guterson book cover.

Deep in new publishing.

Moment – Angelini

Gerard Depardieu.

run, Hermes!

INKLIST – Popper Fanzine.

Coldplay CD booklet.

Comic Sans is nice.

The dreamer.