Get Up, Pizzomunno!

“Get Up, Pizzomunno!”
Una mano per il Gargano.

A beautiful land hit by floods.

The desire to help.
21 illustrators.
21 handmade works, to lend a hand.


In the beach of Vieste, one of towns hit by floods in 2014, stands a huge white limestone called “Pizzomunno” by the inhabitants. Legend says that  a mortal was petrified by the goddess Venus because of unrequited love is too strong.
Each year, in a summer night, celebrates the huge rock awakening that would have one night per year to go to regain the beautiful goddess.



I thought I’d tie the beautiful legend that characterizes this city with the concept of “to get up”. Rise again after a slump, after a restful, after an injury.
Just what need to do city dwellers affected by flood.
It is a wish for all of them, because they’ll find the beauty in their land again.


  • gargano
    Handmade draw, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, Photoshop brushes.